[Sounds Track] You Who Came from the Stars OST

Since I already reviewed the drama itself, and the OST wasn’t included there due to it being a relatively long post.. I just went with reviewing the OST itself.

Before I go over to the tracks, have you seen the OST booklet of this? I’m not so sure that its a booklet or like a photobook or something but it definitely had pictures/stills from the drama, its actually quite thick so I don’t know of that’s all pictures or not but anyway…the OST has 2CDs. The first one has 9 tracks and the second one has 11. The second one is all instrumental, its all the stuff you hear when like Min Joon’s powers are not working or the moments where they just stare into space and think, or my fave… the one where one of them is jealous hihi. So I’m not gonna talk about the second one but it’s fun to listen if you’re into that kind of stuff. I’m not that good with the instrumental stuff but I can tell its mostly string and it has that classical but futuristic feel to it.

So what I’m going to talk about is the first CD that has the lyric-ed songs, Part 1-8 of the OST w/c was released during the airing of the drama. [Spoilers Alert]

CD 1 Tracks :
1. My Destiny – Lyn [MV]
This song was played whenever they would kiss or there was a super romantic scene that needs a super romantic background music. Like the super romantic red carpet kiss, [Super Spoiler ep 21] time stops and Alien appears from a distance, slowly walking to her and then he removes his jacket and puts it on her and he practically scolded her. about wearing clothes that show skin and then she then cups his face and he does the same.. then she was like “Do Min Joon?” and then he replies “그래… 나야” and then adds “나 라고” and then they hug and then he said sorry and then BAM! he kisses her, time resumes and EVERYBODY focused their attention on them… cue music “YOU ARE MY DESTINY…그대…” and then everybody was like “OHHHHHHHH” it was a not-your-average-korean drama kiss as well. WE HAVE MOVEMENT!! then when this was the most used song in the drama, and it just gives you that all tingly feeling inside.
2. 별 처럼 – K.Will [MV]
This one was one of my faves, I love all the tracks in the OST but this one probably went to my faves the first. I heard this song in a lot of scenes that I like but I really can’t remember most of them except for some end credits. LOL.
3. 별에서 운 그대 – Younha
This was the one playing when Song Yi entered the 2017 event on the last episode, that’s what I can remember but there’s a lot of scenes where this song was played. My sister actually likes this song because of the melody, it has that happy feel too it.
4. 안녕 – Hyorin [MV]
This song was the song I got stuck in my head the longest. The minute I heard it on that 15 second kiss, I immediately looked for it. What I liked about this song is the meaning. I just love that Annyeong here is so confusing, its like you don’t know if its for goodbye or hello. Its also one of the most downloaded song! Yay! I really love this song in particular and it really went well with that 15 second kiss.

She’s drunk, a little angry about what the fact that he calls her a tree, a ceramic and a dog and she just doesn’t want to accept. She asks for 15 seconds and like they were sitting on the couch and then she starts her timer they’re staring at each other, she’s tries so hard at first and then she starts giving up. When she was about to stand up, Do Min Joon pulls her arm, cups her face and then TTAK! “우언히 내게 다가와… 건낸 말 안녕” its one of my most fave scenes in the drama and after that is so adorable as well.
5. I Love You – Just
This one was the song was the one playing when our alien baby was struggling for words to send to Song Yi’s line. [Super Spoiler Episode 15] He was flustered at the news of Song Yi mommy, that Song Yi signed with S&C and that she was going to get engaged with Hui Kyung. He also had a funny conversation with Lawyer Jang after and then he decided to check out the internet for articles, which really didn’t help him at all. He then reaches for his phone and writes messages he wants to say but then deletes them. He then finally writes “I miss you” and accidentally sends it to Song Yi, which leads us to the Byuntae conversation they had at the hospital. This is the kind of song you want to emote to, the “I Love You, I Need You” lyrics is all you need to predict that this song is a little sad. This was also the song in Do Min Joon’s dreams from episode 12 🙂
6. 오늘 같은 눈물이 – Huh Gak [MV]
Oh goodness, the intro for this song was the most used in this drama and was mostly played in those sad scenes, I cant even remember where I heard this particular song but it’s there somewhere. I really like this song a lot. Im a big fan of ballads if you all have’t noticed that.
7. 너의 무든 순간 – Sung Shi Kyung [MV]
This was the one they played at that time stopping kiss, in the middle of the frozen lake with all the snowflakes falling. He asks her to leave (he practically dumped her ㅠㅠ) and then as she was walking he freezes time and he goes to face her and then he kisses her without her even knowing. This is my favorite at the moment, I love Sung Shi Kyungs voice and this song has that sweet sweet melody to it.

This was also played at kiss at the Little Prince village or what we all know as flying kiss. She was all angry and disappointed and and then she says Min Joon is selfish and stuff and then she wants him to go away. Just as she was about to walk away, the lights turned on at every building and every lamp post, she turns around, she flew into his arms and then she asks “What are you doing right now?” and with a straight face Do Min Joon answers “The thing that I can do for you, has to be the most selfish” and then he leans in and kisses her and then cue music!!
8. 너 의 집 앞 – Kim Soo Hyun
This one is a really sad song sung by our very own 400 year old alien. He kinda was recognized as a singer after Dream High and he also sung a song in his past drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. This song was released late February and this was in the latest episode of the drama. I remember one scene where there’s a door involved and this dong played. It was around 18 – 20, I’m not really sure because that was the only time I heard it. This song has a really nice meaning to it and is really sweet. I took the liberty of looking for English lyrics and it was just the sweetest song but the melody is slow that you kind of think that it’s a really sad song. and his voice just melts your heart. ;A; (Finally remembered where this was played! [Super Spoiler Episode 20] this was playing when Song Yi said that she and Min Joon was ‘getting married’ and then it was all cheezy and stuff and then she was like “I Love You, Do Min Joon” and he was like all the time stopping thing and I don’t want to say this to you when the time is moving but “I love you Cheon Song Yi”),
9. 너의 무든 순간 (Piano Ver.) – Sung Shi Kyung
I prefer this actually haha! I just love the roughness of the sound of the piano and the simplicity of this track. Its not too grand and I love a man who is good with his fingers (don’t go green on me now, ladies) and well with this song, its to swoon for.

** As a special OST, they released Kim Soo Hyun’ version of Promise.. a week after the drama ended.
10. 약속 – Kim Soo Hyun
I actually am not a fan of this song because of the fact that it’s really sad. but my late mom loved this to bits. She was a big fan of KSH’s voice… she was a big fan of his…period. She loved him in Moon Embracing and she was obsessed with his songs, now that I think about it… it’s actually funny how we share Kdrama biases. Anyway, this song is really nice, this was from Lim Byung Soo’s song with the same title… I think this was like a cover of that and to be honest. I haven’t heard the original but this song has impact from Soo Hyun’s voice. His voice makes everything better. This was sang in episode 19, the scene at the beach with him proposing to her and they end up tearing up and then the video freezes and we continue to the epilogue with his beloved Heo Gyun ssnim telling him that before he departs, he will love a girl with all his heart and that he will be willing to give up everything for that girl.. etc.etc.etc. and so that’s what happened with him and Song Yi and how he’s willing to die for her and stuff. Seriously, this song moved me to tears.. more than a couple of times and this will stay special for me since this was the last song I listened with my mom. She also made me sing this for her (eventho I suck at singing). So yeah, sentimental song this one. ^^

=A/N= All in all, I love this OST, it has my favorite OST singers. All 8 of them are my faves, I have heard their other songs from past OSTs and I’m just super lucky to have all of them in one OST and it happens to be the drama that I really am fascinated with right now. This is a double whammy for me, because it’s rare for me to like the drama and the OST at the same time and this one just hit a home run. The drama is a must watch and the OST is a must listen to as well, the songs are amazing. I do apologize for the spoilers, it’s my way or remembering songs since I have a really short memory. 🙂 I had a fun time reviewing this and I hope I have another opportunity to do this again in another drama… That’s it! and I guess I should say… Happy Listening ^^v

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