News from Le Wormhole

It’s been in circulation that Man from the Stars writers are planning to have a Season 2 for the successful drama, it’s said to be set in the Joseon Era and it will be mostly about Do Min Joon and his adventures… I guess… So, Cheon Song Yi might be a no show for season 2?

Also, the PDnims released the extended version of the Epilogue from episode 21, I actually saw it and I think it was a nice touch but it didn’t give me the closure I wanted, I was kinda thinking a little more extreme than the given scenes lol…

Big Q : Do you still want a Season 2 if there is no Song Yi? (If you’ve seen the drama : what do you think about the Epilogue for ep.21, did you like it, hate it or was it okay?)

Quick Update : I’m in the middle of balancing The Thieves review and YWCFTS OST review… its taking longer than expected because I’m a lil sick ;; mian but I hope I can release one of them soon ^^v

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