[Personal Review] You Who Came From The Stars

I’m warning everyone that this will be a long arse review, I won’t be following my usual format for this for the following reasons : 1. I have too many feels for this drama that cannot be expressed in my super short format; 2. I loved so many things in this drama that I would love to talk about and 3. I achingly waited 7 weeks for this drama to finish.

Before I start my review for this wonderful drama, let me tell you my story on how I had to wait for this drama. I actually heard about this when it was in episode 8, I was looking a review on Heirs and I happen to see one blog and there was an article saying Kim Soo Hyun wanted Jun Ji Hyun to play along side him, but I found out that apparently, they found out that they got the same offer for this drama and then Jin Ji Hyun contacted Soo Hyun and she was like “lets do this together”. This triggered my feels, I love Jun Ji Hyun in her movies and well Kim Soo Hyun is one of the fine men in dramas that I love whenever he cries and/or smiles. I downloaded the episodes 1-8 and then I got 9 and 10 a week after. I then decided to get subs and tell myself “let me take a look at this show” and that was the biggest decision I regret doing. I was gonna go see ONE episode [yeah right?!] and little did I know, I was on episode 8 that evening. The scenes after that included; me refreshing websites at 7 am, looking for downloads on Tuesdays when my drama airs Wednesdays and Thursdays, and me re-watching the latest episodes twice as I wait for the new ones to air.ย  Now that the story has been told, let’s start with the review… shall we?
[I am warning all of you that this has a sh*t load of spoilers, so read at your own risk]

Let’s start with the Cast:

  • Cheon Song Yi [Jun Ji Hyun] – I love her to death in her movies, and she has the best comedic acting ever. and I adore her for that. omg
  • Do Min Joon [Kim Soo Hyun] – you guise know, I love him so much. I just do… he’s one of the people I go gaga with. My mom has Gong Yoo, My Aunt has Jung Il Woo and I have Soo Hyun. We’re kinda territorial with our korean man xD. I was so thrilled for him in this drama since he had played such wonderful roles in the past… and I thought him being a king would kill me, well I was wrong.. him being a 400 year old, powerful and obsessive alien just took a century out of my life.
  • Lee Hui Kyung [Park Hae Jin] – have you guise seen his shoot for this magazine I forgot the name of? HE IS SUPER HANDSOME IN THOSE PICTURES. He is so good in this drama. I also loved his chara transformation..^^v
  • Yoo Se Mi [Yoo In Ah] – LOVE HER as a biatch in her dramas LOL. She kinda was getting into me at the first but it died down as the drama progressed

Additional Cast I just want to give credit to, this is about their performance in the drama and some additional thingys too hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lawyer Jang [Kim Chang Wan] – Loved him in Coffee Prince and this one was just the cherry on top. He was super adorable in this drama omg
  • Yang Mi Yun [Na Young Hee] – oh my god you guise… SHE IS AWESOME in this and omg just watch her in this
  • Lee Jae Kyung [Shin Sung Rok] – perfect villain!! you want to kill him in this… he is just so good at being evil that you want to kill him. You kinda know he’s evil but your hatred for him goes up every level as the drama progresses. Mine went over the roof for ep 14 and it went up to the heavens for episode 19.

Story : handsome looking Alien who came to Earth, was accidentally left here and lived through 400 years of history. On his 400th year, he gets a hold of news that a comet, who comes by every 400 years is gonna pass thru earth. He plans his chance to finally hitch a ride he’s been waiting for those years but LOVE happens to him. [this is how I’m gonna summarize everything… sorry guise ^^]

Aside from that alien thing going on, we also have the book, that was featured in the drama The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane or ์—๋“œ์›Œ๋“œ ํˆด๋ ˆ์ธ์˜ ์‹ ๊ธฐํ•œ ์—ฌํ–‰ย in Korean. I actually read the book, in english of course, and I loved it… It was all about love, all kinds of love and how you define love. Love for your family, love for your pets, mother and father’s love for their children and the love of one child to his best friend, that doesn’t close his eyes, speak and just smiles all the time. I actually adored the story and learned so much. It’s not a love story where you have this prince and/or princess who gets married the morning after they met, or like who is bewitched to not speak or to have feet. It’s a much bigger story than that, it has these values that you just think about after you read the book. I recommend that book for reading as well, and sometimes these kinds of books gives us the best lessons in life ๐Ÿ™‚

The story is a little similar but I think bits of the book was put there as to Do Min Joon being a lifeless alien who doesn’t belong, like Edward is as a china doll in the Tulane household. One of them refuses to love but both honestly doesn’t know to. I like the similarities they have and also that they put in some bits of the book in the drama too ^^

Pairing : You guise will probably hate me for the spoilers but I regret nothing.

Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun [Do Min Joon & Cheon Song Yi] – I cannot begin how much I fell in love with this pairing. This isn’t their first thing together, they were somewhat a pair in the movie “The Thieves” and like Soo Hyun’s chara has a big crush on Ji Hyun’s chara on there as well [and they share a sheckshi kiss there too… w/c is Jun Ji Hyun’s first on-screen kiss eeep]. These two have the best chemistry, despite them having this age gap… which is not that obvious. This pairing is like the best, when you see them on the first eps you know you’re gonna ship them since they look too good together!









I mean, look at them!! It just works, they’re like Hydrogen and Oxygen and together they make the perfect drink of man kind and animal kind which is water. I may be a little over the top with this but, right now… who isn’t? everyone is talking about these two.They are the most popular couple in the past months, every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm… Kidding aside, who wouldn’t want to be in a “relationship” with a 400 year old alien, who can teleport, has super strength, has good hearing and is unbelievably handsome? I certainly would but I’m not lucky enough to have one as my next door neighbor… I really love love love this pairing, they have their share of crushing, like at first Min Joon was the one who was a little aggressive, then it was Song Yi and then it was like this marriage of feelings toward the end (w/c I still don’t know since ep 20 & 21 is a few days away). You’re just gonna love these two, its like the stars bought them together… got it? The stars coz like Min Joon is from the star? -.-… never mind… but yeah just I ship this pairing to bits, and like I love how they’re comfortable with kissing each other, Soo Hyun is her first on-screen kiss after all so I’m not really surprised. And the chemistry off-screen is adorable too ^^v (bittersweet ending but it’s far far far far better than I imagined it would be)

Park Hae Jin & Jun Ji Hyun [ Lee Hui Kyung & Cheon Song Yi] – 15 years of love, for Hui Kyung at least… this is more than a friendship for me rather that a “romantic” couple, since that was mainly the center of this. Even though Hui Kyung had this thing for her, he remained still being there for her after being rejected a number of times. You kinda know that he cares for her so much that he’s willing to take and risk everything just to score points. I just adore Hui Kyung’s efforts so much… just yeah…

Park Hae Jin & Yoo In Ah [Lee Hui Kyung & Yoo Se Mi] – The one-sided pairing… as I call it. Hui Kyung’s one-sided feels for Song Yi and Se Mi’s one-sided feels for Hui Kyung… this is just like Eponine [from Les Mis] times two… I mean they can sing a duet of On My Own… that is what a big masochist would do in this case… this is a pairing just because I like them to be a couple… I want Hui Kyung to feel loved and I want Se Mi to be loved back. That’s it.ย [but I admire Hui Kyung for being the remaining masochist and ย finally Semi is over him! I love that she finally moved on, she deserves a far greater love than Hui Kyung’s to be honest]

Kim Soo Hyun & Ahn Jae Hyunย [Do Min Joon & Cheon Yoon Jae] – BEST BROMANCE EVER!! YOU GUISE [MAJOR SPOILAGE… DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU] THE E.T. THING on episode 18 or was it 19 was the best one ever. This began when Yoon Jae decided he want to be a good brother and check out who his sister is dating.. and then boom! He saw Min Joon’s telescopes and he was all like “I found my soul mate” omg I died laughing. He was such a fan of the heavenly bodies [speaking of heavenly bodies… check out the shower scene at the first eps… Alien Nim has the heavenly-est body ever.but guise come on… WHO THE F*CK SHOWERS WITH A TOWEL WRAPPED AROUND THEIR TORSO? NO ONE DOES THAT OKAY.. NO ONE] that when he saw the pics of that desert he just started blabbing about his dreams of going and he even took a selca with one of the telescopes there omg xD. Next day, he addresses Do Min Joon as Min Joon-i Hyung… PRICELESS!! [and him naming his discovery Do Min Joon was the best oh dear heavens]

Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Chang Wan [Do Min Joon & Lawyer Jang] – Okay, this was like the longest (?) relationship here, the friendship of 30 years from these two, apparently Min Joon saved Lawyer Jang from taking his own life when they were both lawyers like 30 years ago and that bloomed into a very nice relationship. It’s a little dun as well since Lawyer Jang is a little possessive when it comes to his Harvard graduate punk of a kid. He does’t like it when other people are bullying his Min Joon. In return Min Joon is this super good friend who is always there. I remember him telling Lawyer Jang that he wants all his assets transferred to Lawyer Jang and want him to live a good life… its his way of repaying all of Lawyer Jang’s help from all the death certificates and stuff. I remember this super cute scene when Min Joon was drunk and tells him “Every hour, every minute and every second is important and he doesn’t know why he’s spending this time with Lawyer Jang” and then the lawyer replies “I know, but you don’t have to say it like that. 30 years of friendship isn’t important when a girl is in the picture” or something like that… it’s just so cute hehehe :3

Final Thoughts : I just finished watching (like literally just finished) and I LOVED the ending, it was realistic… well not really realistic per se since Min Joon is an alien but like it’s reasonable. It’s better than him not going back to Earth at all… right? It wasn’t the ending I imagined but it’s okay… I loved the whole series, it was worth waiting every thursday and friday [it airs wednesday and thursday and vids and subs are published the day after so yeah] It’s a bitter sweet feeling for me because I loved the drama so much and I just can’t let it go ;; but before I cry myself a river, I’m gonna talk about the amazing cameos in this drama.

Kim Su Ro, Yeon Woo Jin, Bae Suzy, Ryu Seung Ryeong, Sandara Park were some of them but my most fave would probably Jang Eun Pyo. I squealed upon seeing him in there with Kim Soo Hyun with the traditional clothes and everything, it felt like Moon Embraces to me all over again. They were my OTP in that drama, besides Han Ga In of course. Goin back to the drama, there’s also this “Hajimma” thing that was super cute, Ji Jyun did it on episode 18 and Soo Hyun on the 19th… I think. It was just so adorable. The drama all in all has the Comedy in it, it has drama and a hell of a lot of it; Kim Soo Hyun really gets me going when I see him cry, he’s one of the few Korean men that makes me cry whenever I watch. It has the fiction which I love by the way, I’m a Harry Potter fangirl and I love fiction, I’ve seen vampires, ghosts, and wizards and aliens being portrayed in the Korean drama world but I am telling you this has to be my favorite alien so far. [ because he’s so handsome omg and I love him…ย my heart omg]

As for the OST, I am going to make a separate post for that since this post has become a novel, I apologize for that. But yes please please please give this drama a watch, I HIGHLY recommend this one because this one is for keeps in my top 5 and that’s saying something since I’m really picky with dramas. If you’ve seen it, I would love to have a chat with you on twitter or tumblr or wherever… I would love to talk about you guise ^^v just give me a ping on here or head on to my flavours.me page… now that’s all settled and sealed…ย Happy Watching ^^v

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