Army News!!

If you guise haven’t heard the news yet…Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee sungmin (Super Junior) and Yoo Ah In are going to the Army this year…I’m not sure when but it might be around May – July? I can’t remember clearly but yeah… SM said that Sungmin is gonna go in but they said that Min still has like activities or something…

I’m a lil sad but what can we do? Let’s just wish them well and wait till they finish their service and come back as men!! 화이팅 ^^

Side Post : Three Days is about to air but My Love from Another Star is gonna end this week. Who else is excited but doesn’t want it to end? … me too ;; I’m excited for three days as well but imma wait for it to finish before I go see it… Emergency Couple is also in the must watch list for me so if I get over 별에서 은 그대.. imma watch that drama. Also, I’m already wriring my master posts for You Who Came From the Stars.. I’m writing the drama review and the OST will follow as soon as I finish looking for the lyrics and the official MVs… if there are available ^^v Mass publishing next week so imma be back! ^^V

Happy Watching!

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