[Movie Review] Always

I actually forgot how I came to watch this movie, and luckily I got it from YT and then DLoaded the thing right after seeing it then. I actually forgot I had this till I was writing this review and to be honest, I forgot the title of the movie so I had to Google “Korean movie about boxer and blind girl” and then I found it. I did not know that Jo Ji Sub  [Mister Kkeojeo/Joo Joong One in Master’s Sun] was in this movie, when I saw his name my jaw literally dropped that I had to watch it again.

Cast : Jo Ji Sub (Jang Cheol Min) & Han Hyo Joo (Ha Jung Hwa)

Story : The story is about this ex-boxer who is played by Ji Sub, at the beginning of the movie he’s working as a parking lot attendant when suddenly this woman appeared, the woman was apparently blind and he mistakes Cheol min for the man who was working there before him. She leaves but then Cheol min offered that she stays for the drama since it’s raining hard. Jung Hwa works as a customer service person and she has a pervert for a boss that takes advantage of her disability and is harassing her. So, Cheol Min or Marcelino and Jung Hwa becomes close through them watching the drama and then Marcelino is starting to fall in love with her.

The turning point of the story is when Jung Hwa’s boss follows her home and then tries to assault her, he was really close to doing it to her but then she got to her bag and gets her emergency like siren and turns it on. Her boss punches her and she begs for him to stop but he just wouldn’t listen, then there goes Marcelino, running through the door and stops her boss. He gives him punches and then he eventually broke some of the guy’s fingers and he sends him out, he then checks up on her and tells her to quit her job, and that he’ll be responsible of her and that he promises to take care of her [I SWOOOONED AT THIS PART!!] but then she asks him to leave.
A few days after she shows up and she told him that she quit her job and that she feels so clammed up and that she wants him to take her out. They meet up and he brings a golden retriever puppy with him, he tells her that the puppy is going to be her eyes. Then he moved in and repaired her whole house, he rounded the corners of her table and he took off the door sil(?) and he also put in new windows for light to come in.

He finally then tells her everything and then he works hard as a boxer to give her things but then he looses a match and learns that she may be able to see again but the need a ton of money to be able to do that. So Marcelino decides to take it a step further by talking to like an underground person that can make him bring money and stuff, but he has to go away so they can’t hurt her and stuff but thwn he doesn’t show up when her sight returned 😦 but don’t worry people, this has a happy ending haha!

Sorry I kinda spilled too much there, but trust me it wont ruin your movie experience ^^

My Thoughts : First off, I really like the idea of Han Hyo Joo’s character being all independent despite the fact that she cant see. She refuses help as much as possible and she tries to do as much normal stuff as she can. What I like about this story is the fact he is willing to sacrifice everything just for her to have her eyesight and by everything, I really mean it! He lets people take a whack at him and well he punches em harder but like he’s willing to get beaten for money, money for him and his girl
..that’s love!!

At first, you think that he just pities her because she’s blind but as the movie progresses you see that the reason he fell for her is the fact that she knows things like you’re lying or if you’re hiding something… she’s like psychic or whatever. Her character is such an inspiration, I actually have really poor eyesight, I like wear thick lenses for me too see and when I saw that movie I was like “omg, I think I got I bad but that girl has no eyesight and she’s even living by herself” it kinda makes you realize that you shouldn’t make things like poor eyesight or disabilities take the best of you coz if you do then it also means that you give up on life itself… right? ^^ now that’s something to think about… hehe… please give this movie a look, I assure you… it will make you look at life differently… Happy Watching^^

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