[Movie Review] Il Mare

This movie goes to my top 10 Korean movies! I came across this movie when I Google-d Jun Ji Hyun after seeing her in Sassy Girl and then I found Windstruck (w/c be reviewed soon) and this one. I really love this story, I think it’s inspiring.

Cast : Jun Ji Hyun (Eun Joo) , Lee Jung Jae (SungHyun)

Story; This is actually the inspiration for the movie “Lake House” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. If you’re familiar with that one then this isn’t different. It all starts with the house, which is very beautiful in terms of architecture. This is a very heart warming story, Eunjoo is an aspiring singer who lives in this house in the middle of he lake or sea, at the start of the movie you see her moving out, whilst doing that she puts a Christmas card in the mailbox asking the future house owner to send her mail to her… now, this is where amazing shiz happens… Sunghyun is an archirect, who is the first resident of the house gets her letter w/c is weird because he’s the first one to reside in that house. He looks at the date and he realizes that the letter came from the future, 2 years ahead of his time future.

So, these two talked to each other thru that mysterious tardis like mailbox of theirs and this is where the story revolves.

My Thoughts; I personally adore films that have this “test of time” feel to them, like sassy girl with the time capsule. I think it’s amazing how this concept came to be because who wouldn’t like to meet people in the past, right? Plus this movie defies everything in reality, it breaks boundaries and it shows that time isn’t an issue for them.

Il mare means “the sea” in italian, and the house is their main target for this one because the house is in the middle of this lot that is weird because when tide comes in, it looks like its floating on water and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS HOUSE! First time I saw it I want to live in it, whoever made that house is amazing!

                   [Amazing house ^^^ ]

It’s kinda like Rooftop Prince, with him being in the Joseon era and her being in the 20th century and all that time, space continuum thing. It’s just so amazing, heartwarming and it brings back so many memories with the letter writing and the cassette player and stuff. It’s so romantic, please give it a watch. If you loved Lake House then you will love this even more, the house is amazing, the cast is perfect and its the complete package if you’re planning a movie date this Friday! 🙂 Enjoy your Valentines Day and as always, Happy Watching ^^

= A/N : It’s actually Tuesday in my side of the world, but I thought… I’ll just post this so I can officially start Movie Monday 🙂 =

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