Hello Everyone!!

I finally got a chance to take a look at the votes for the poll I posted a few days ago and 3 people voted that I should do both OST and Movie Reviews, but I decided that I might just do movies for the mean time since the only OST I followed “properly” is YWCFTS.

Now, that doesn’t mean I wont review OSTs… I will occasionally make OST reviews, if the drama OST deserves it. 🙂

I will however start to review movies. I have a couple of movies waiting to be reviewed in my drafts and I will write them asap and those will be published on Mondays. So that’s good news!

~~ Just a quick update~~
If its not obvious enough, I’m sorta addicted to You Who Came From the Stars and I just want to let everyone know Sung Shi Kyung, one of the singers that I absolutely adore… sang for the drama. It was heard at the end of Episode 15 [which is a reaaaaaaly cool episode… If I might just add] but I’m not so sure that it’s been released yet… there’s so many things I want to include in the review for this drama so I’ll probably start writing the review a few days in advance haha 🙂

In other news… Three Days will be following You Who Came From the Stars (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I don’t want it to end yet :[ ). Three Days stars Yoochun and I think it’s about him being a police or something… but yeah… I’m not sure I’m gonna watch another drama after this one but, we’ll see ^^

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