[Personal Review] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I have been waiting forever to review this drama, I wasn’t planning on seeing this but my aunt was insistent on me watching this one, so I did :3 Okay, first off I loved that this was on Cable TV, I really loved that about this and I shall tell you later why.

Cast; Jung Il Woo (Cha Chi Soo), Lee Chung Ah (Yang Eunbi), Lee Ki Woo (Choi Kang Hyuk), Park Min Woo (Kim Ba Woo), Joo Yoon Woo (Woo Hyun Woo). Because I’m such a gentlewoman, let’s start with the boys; Jung Il Woo, this was the first ever drama I saw of him and I thank the heavens I watched this drama because he was so good in it -squeals- how can a 24 year old pull off being an arrogant high school student? [well Eun Ji Won played it and he pulled it off but he wasn’t arrogant] and like his looks are too young for his age and that’s what I like about him in this drama, he played it so well that you don’t even bother looking for his real age. Lee Ki Woo, that man’s body is crafted by PhotoShop and all of it’s elements! and I like how he’s super into the character that you just want him in his character state and not be an actor because he played it so well. His character is a big softie and I like that they emphasized that about his character.Park Min Woo and Joo Yoon Woo, these two are so adorable! (Actually forgot which one plays which with these two /bricked… sorry guise) I like how they care for their noona/ssnim (seonsaengnim/teacher) and they’re gonna do everything for her and their little weird family.

Story; So, I’m gonna make this real short. Eunbi is an aspiring teacher and she wants to pass the civil exam to teach, she has an encounter with Cha Shi Soo and like him immediately but discovers that he’s arrogant and a little childish. Meanwhile Kang Hyuk shows up claiming his “Maneura” or wife w/c is EunBi, apparently Eunbi’s dad told him that he’ll be a good husband for his daughter when the two met in Japan. With Eunbi’s dad passed away, she was left with a Ramen Shop that she doesn’t know how to run, A Korean man from Japan who claims to be hes husband, 2 kiddos that’s her dongsaeng and her student and an arrogant high school-er who wants to be with her. That about sums it up, It’s really just a basic story but it has depth in the “Ramen” part, you’ll find out when you see the drama itself. and I would just like to add this adorable clip that I adore, this was the reason I watched this drama and to be very honest this was a very funny clip so here goes. This was the funniest clip for me in the whole drama I swear! the ahjummas had those funny reactions that just blew me away.

(Chagiya!, Maneura!, Seonsaengnim!, Noona! xD the funniest ever omg!!)

Pairings; Il Woo & Chung Ah (Chi Soo & Eun Bi) Okay, let me just take a moment to compose myself before I start with this. You might not know but I LOVED this pairing so much, well just Il woo in this pairing but lets just bring in every aspect of cockiness in this pairing. Let’s begin with the Kimchi Kiss (and I’m gonna post a lot of videos in here okay)

I would just like to point out what he did to her thumb after not getting some of that kimchi, He was like “So, you don’t want to give me kimchi? I’ll just have to taste it in my own ways.” and then he does this. this is the part where she’s resisting him because she knows that he’s younger than her by like 12 years xD

… and this one… I have linked this video a thousand times, as much as I want to repeat myself, I don’t want to because it’ll be bad for my poor, weak heart. I’m not gonna embed the video again but this is the LINK. I explained this before in lots of posts so I just don’t want to explain it again lol.

Chung Ah & Ki Woo (¬†Eunbi &¬†Kang Hyuk) this couple was the first one I wanted to ship, Kang Hyuk is just the sweetest bud in this drama, he just sacrifices everything for his loved ones. These two are so adorable and they’re like the umma and appa of their weird family that just popped out of no where and I also love how they tried to make it work and when it didn’t they just decided to be friends. I know in his heart that he still cares but he gave way for Chi Soo because he knows that seeing them happy is okay for him (you’ll find out why in le drama)

I actually don’t have any idea for the OST in this drama, I wasn’t familiar with it when I saw this drama (I was too immersed with my feasibility study that time to even DLoad the songs, plus I watched most of this without audio since I listen to music, at the same time write my feasibility study so yeah.. sorry about that.) I just love the 12-12-12 concept that they had with this, the three main characters have the same year in the Chinese calendar and it occurs every 12 years, so there was one time in the drama where she thinks about that… I actually cannot remember what episode is that but it’s in the first ones.

This was such a fun drama and I have BEEN meaning to write a review, and now that I did… I can finally stop thinking about this drama (this was the most hard drama to DLoad and tbh I haven’t finished DLoading it yet :[ and I don’t want to try again) but please please please give this drama a look, if you haven’t seen it and as always… Happy Watching ^^

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