[Personal Review] Dream High

I was looking for some Kim Soo Hyun videos last night and I came across a clip from this drama, so I looked through the dramas that I have reviewed and I saw that this wasn’t in it so I decided to review this first since I’m in the Kim Soo Hyun hype then again. I first heard about this drama when my mom called me over just to tell me that one of the guys are cute (she was referring to Wooyoung that time) and then we watched the whole thing on TV. I saw a few episodes of this first before I watched it fully online and I must say that it was good.

Cast : Let’s start with the guys first; Ok Taecyeon [Jinguk], Jang Wooyoung [Jason], and Kim Soo Hyun [Samdong]. I love 2PM, they were one of the few groups that I liked when I first got into Kpop and I know I’m ancient because when I loved them Jay Park was still there so… yeah. Anyway Taec’s character is really mysterious at first and he’s a little bit of a rebel but he’s manageable and I think he fits the profile nicely, he has that bad boy feel but is really soft and cuddly inside and he has that charisma but at the same time that roughness so he was really fit to play this character. Wooyoung’s is that boy next door type and the over all gentleman to every girl in school, he opens doors and greets them whenever he sees them. His character also said that he was from the States so it required him to speak English now and then. Soo Hyun, this man’s character is an innocent country boy. He’s really innocent about everything and he is just like a kid that’s ready to absorb anything.

Now for the ladies; Suzy [Hyemi], IU [Pilsuk] and Eunjung [Baekhee]. I think this was Suzy’s first drama so I can’t really comment a lot on her acting in here but she did play the character very well, rich and very ignorant and very competitive was what Go Hyemi is and I think she got that on the spot. IU on the other hand was this shy and was a little scared of people because of how she looks but is a very good singer. Eunjung is the angry person in this drama, she wants all the attention on her.

Story : There are different stories in this drama regarding the personal connections but I’ll just focus on the main point. Dream High is looking for talents to be scholars and/or students, they choose from a list of people to be in the school and stuff. Within the bunch there have this “special class” that is like the class that only losers were in we have Pilsuk, Samdong, Hyemi and Jinguk in that class and their professor teaches them all they need to know. From there, they make their way into popularity, they give good performances and have great song numbers and just they were great!

Pairing : There are a lot of great pairings in this series that this might be a long section of the post… First up, Suzy & Soo Hyun [Hyemi  & Samdong] When they met and when he heard her sing from the toilet, I knew right there that Samdong fell for Hyemi. I really like the friendship that they had and I also like how SamDong was really protective of her. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her and she wants to always be beside him because she felt guilty of what happened to him [you’ll find out when you see the drama]. I think the sweetest was when she was guiding him as he sings, where she would help him in his pitch and stuff… that was the sweetest ever.

Suzy & Taec [Hyemi & Jinguk] At first, I really though that this was a match made in music heaven. They were like a childhood couple and they know everything about each other. The birthday song scene was by far the best scene for me… I like how she sung for him with everybody else in the room and he was all smiles when she was singing for her. It just felt so right.

Wooyoung & IU [Jason & Pilsuk] this is what I shipped, they are the cutest couple in this series and oh my goodness was I hooked to them. Pilsuk is just adorable when it comes to Jason, she swoons at his presence and even confessed to him and Jason on the other hand was this confused boy who doesn’t know how to express himself. They are just adorable and I can’t even begin how cute they are tbh.

Eunjung & Taec [Baekhee & Jinguk] I think they assumed that they were a thing when Jinguk defended Baekhee from someone. What I like about this is what Jinguk did for her, I just love how he threw himself out there just to save her. It’s so manly!!

Ki Joon & Yoon ji [Professors Oh Hyuk & Kyung Jin] I really like this couple as well, Miss Kyung Jin having a big crush on Mister Oh Hyuk. It was so fun when she assumes that when he asks about something. Like one “Can I invite you to go somewhere?” and she will be all gaga on what to wear and what to say but at the other hand she wants to show how tough she is as a teacher and as a colleague. I like how their story evolved as the episodes progressed. They were so fun to watch!

OST : Musical involved drama and I must say that this OST was the most played in my library. The songs in this album were so addicting, Someday and Can I Love You were the ones that got me but I am in love with this OST because it’s not too sad and I love how it’s soothing to the ears.

Besides the OST, there were a few songs that I liked that wasn’t included in the album.
First off is Genie. [This video ▼]

This might be the sexiest Genie performance I have seen! I’m sorry SNSD, I love you and this song but they just did it a tiny bit better, what I love about this is the involvement of that pink guitar and also the 2 handsome guys singing to this song! I LOVE Kim Soo Hyun’s voice, ever since I heard him sing in this drama I swore to my bones that I will follow him and my bones did a great decision.

Next is Can I Love You, A Capella version [▼ this video right here]

I love the perfection of this song and how damn great these people are. I know IU is a great singer but Soo Hyun, I didn’t even know who he was [now I love him to death GAH!] and to be able to stand out in the drama and not being a singer is just amazing! I lust adore this performance because it’s perfect, it’s just, It’ll make you stare and salivate at how good they are.

I’m sorry this has been a super long arse post, I have been waiting ages to review this drama and at last I did. If you haven’t seen this then I suggest just go watch some clips, it’s still worth it and as always, Happy Watching ^^

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