[Personal Review] I Hear Your Voice


Before I watched this drama, I was hearing about it a lot on a couple of variety shows that I watch… I decided to give this a go after I read some reviews.

Here goes… Cast; Lee Bo Young (Jang Hye Sung), Lee Jong Suk (Park Soo Ha), Yoon Sang Hyun (Cha Gwan Woo) and Lee Da Hee (Seo Do Yeon) This was my first drama for almost everyone except for Yoon Sang Hyun, I loved him in Secret Garden so I didn’t have any doubts when I saw him in this drama. His character is Lawyer Cha, who was a Police Officer turned Lawyer. He’s very active and jolly and he likes to interact with the others, and he has a thing for Jjang Pyeon (짱변 = Jjang meaning best)/Jang Hye Sung. Now, Jang Hye Sung wanted to be a lawyer after she experienced injustice when she was young. Park Soo Ha, a kid who lost a father that occurred some mind reading powers in the process. Seo Do Yeon, daughter of a Judge and has a very bad behavior.

Story : Hye Sung and Do Yeon were close when they were little, Hye Sung caught Do Yeon cheating and when Do Yeon’s eye was hit with a sparkler, she blamed Hye Sung… then both were witnesses to the crime of Joon Gook (killer of Soo Ha’s dad), Soo Ha was really thankful for Hye Sung but then Joon Gook promised that when he was released he would kill them both… Soo Ha promised to protect his Hye Sung so he learn martial arts and stuff. Spoiler : Soo Ha can read minds, so when Hye Sung knew, she wanted Soo Ha’s help in reading the Prosecutor’s mind and also the mind of the accused and that’s where the relationship started for them. Lawyer Cha on the other hand was really fond of Jjang Pyeon and he really thinks that she’s a great lawyer and that she really knows her stuff and she really believes in her clients, she was really impressed with him as well when she sees Lawyer Cha pull off an all-nighter for a case.

Pairing; Soo Ha & Hye Sung [Jong Suk & Bo Young] When I found out that he’s been looking for her since forever, I totally knew who I shipped. He learned martial arts for her because he promised that he would protect her, I mean come on… how sweet is that!! What I like about this is how she fell for him without even knowing it; it’s like when he’s not around, she’s looking for him or she’s worried that something happened to him and she misses him without even knowing why. At first you think it’s one-sided love but further into the drama you realize that it’s not.

Hye Sung & Lawyer Cha [Bo Young & Sang Hyun] this was the first one you are going to see in this drama, she like him… he likes her… we’re happy, but when she tangles herself with someone who is a high-school student who is VERY good at martial arts. He is gonna be jealous and he became competitive to the point that he gives way to help her help him. It’s like he’s willing to be cheated just to get points for doing something good. It’s okay at first but once she starts worrying about Soo Ha, that’s where I changed ships.

OST : I am a big fan of OSTs so I make it a habit to have at least one favorite in an album and in this particular drama, I liked 왜 이제야 왔니 (Why Did You Come Now?) by Jung Yup of Brown Eyes Soul.. It just appealed to me and my taste.. I’m a big sucker for ballad songs and I also have lots of KDrama OSTs (I’ll blog about this someday lol…)  that are slow and just amazing to listen to. But there are like 5 parts of OSTs and then there’s a compilation of that when you get the album with all the instrumentals.

There you go! this was really fun to watch, the suspense is awesome and it just amused me how this little kid never broke his promise and protected the one who saved him… It’s heart melting at the same time you want to punch the screen when you see Joon Gook (and can I just praise Jung Woong In for being the best villain ever! He’s so good that you want to just want to transport yourself in the drama and kill him.) and just melt when you see Park Soo Ha to the rescue… ^^ If you haven’t seen this, it’s a good watch and if you are watching this, Enjoy!!

Happy Watching ^^

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