[Personal Review] Sungkyungkwan Scandal

Before I start taking about this drama, let me talk about how I saw this twice. I have KBS World and when this aired, I watched it… usually they like to re-run dramas so I accidentally watched it again… I don’t know how  or why… so moving on.

Cast; Park Yoochun, Yoo Ah In, Song Joongki and Park Min Young. Before anything happens, let’s first talk about the men in this drama, the line up of good-looking men.. Song Joongki, the flower boy (as titled by his Running Man family) I first saw him when he was hosting Music Bank and at that moment I just felt like I was called by the heavens. His character is this ladies man who is the best friend of this wild horse as they call it, his character calls for this handsome man who knows how to treat ladies and that’s exactly what he is.

Park Yoochun, My first love… I was a cassie first before I became an elf so Micky was my first ever bias. I saw him in Banjun drama and I knew right there that he’ll be a great actor.He’s the son of the minister and everybody is a little edgy around him because he doesn’t like to talk and mingle, but he’s really smart so he’s like the nerd/loner when the drama started. Yoo Ah In, this is the first drama I saw of him and I melted at the sight if his lips, those lips of his are like twins with Angelina Jolie’s lips, pouty and just good pair of lips. This man’s character is the rebel… that’s it and that’s what I’m gonna say. Min Young, she’s cute and I like her… I actually saw this one before city hunter… I think, I really can’t remember but she was good in both dramas. Her character is this breadwinner/hard-working girl who disguises as a man.

Story, Min Young or Yoon Hee is the bread-winner of the family and apparently she has good writing skills and she’s really smart, but we all know that in the Joseon era… girls are not allowed to really have a goal, all they’re allowed to do is be boy toys to the elites or be servants. One day at the Sungkyungkwan Entrance exam thing, she disguises herself as a boy and tries to sell some cheat codes but ended up being in a chaos that forced her to use her brother’s identity and go in the school itself as a man. It’s like your Mulan story really… and then the story revolves around that. Lots of twists and mysteries that will make you really think about stuff. The best thing about this drama is how these four cam to be the “Jalgeum Quartet” or like the Joseon F4 as we call em. They’re so popular in school that everybody wants to befriend them and just the school scenes are awesome to begin with.

Pairings : Yong Ha & Jae Shin [Joongki and Ah In] They won Couple of the Year at the KBS awards 2010. They surpassed the main couple and I don’t know how they did this but damn, were they a good couple? I don’t know how to explain this because when you watch this, you just ship them and like them.. like in a snap. It’s like they’re more than friends but like 10% less than lovers coz the concern is there and the trust and the loyalty that they are better that your normal couple. I personally loved these two and it’s just the best thing ever.

Jae Shin & Yoon Hee [Ah In & Min Young] I ship this, more than the main… I’m sorry. They were the closest ones among the four and like Jae Ahin protected her when he found out about her secret, and he was always there for her. Saving her from fights and like looking out for her and being the protective boyfriend is his thing. It’s basically the one-sided love in the drama so yeah.

Yoon Hee & Sun Joon [Min Young & Yoochun] This was more of the love – hate relationship, he hates her and she hates him back but then she’s being so aggressive because she blames him for entering her into the school so like he makes it up but looking out for her plus… I think they’re room mates or something.. so yeah but there’s more to this story once it lands to like episode 13 or something.

OST : So the main Song for this one is Found You (찾았다) sung by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ), to be honest I almost cried when I heard the ending credits for the first time. I love DBSK… they are hands down my favorite balladiers. I have almost all of their Japanese songs, even though I don’t understand a single thing I just love listening to it [Bolero and Doushite being my faves] so like after not hearing their voices for so long I was happy that JYJ sung for this drama, I missed their voices so much… so yeah. The other tracks are good as well, this was just my favorite track

All in all, this is worth the watch… the drama is good and the cast is amazing!

6 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Sungkyungkwan Scandal

  1. This is actually the drama I’m currently watching. I’m at episode 11. So far I’ve been really enjoying it. I wasn’t too sure at first, but it’s developing nicely. I really like the cast.

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