[Personal Review] Autumn in my Heart

To show long I’ve been into the drama world, I’m reviewing this very old drama from 2000. This was the very first (Korean) drama I saw, It was dubbed in our own language that time when I got hooked and I just felt the need to review this. This review was requested by my best friend Heerin [I’m finally doing it for you mommy ^^v].

Cast; Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin and Song Seung Heon. Lets begin with Song Hye Kyo; I love her in dramas, I’ve seen a lot of them but they’re so sad that I don’t want to re-watch most of them. She fits this character to bits, the good girl character is really her thing when it comes to her face and how she acts. Song Seung Heon, I loved him in So Close and oh my goodness him in this drama is just really the best thing! Won Bin, how to even start with him, he’s handsome, he’s got the looks and the stance and he is divine. I personally don’t know how to describe him and his character but he and this character are just destined. The way he portrayed him was just spot on.

Story; So this is the typical Korean love story before. The 2 leads have a thing for each other and then they get separated, he’s rich and she’s poor, she goes ill and then dies. That’s really the trend before and it was really exhausting because all the good tear jerker dramas has leads dying in the end. In this drama Won Bin acts as the 2nd lead that has a thing for Ms Eun Suh but she turns him down so he tries to buy her love but she turns that down as well.

The start of the drama was really weird but once the twists straighten and more twists happen it’s actually a fun drama to watch. This is one of those dramas that requires you to have A LOT of tissues on hand because it will make you cry and sob like a little baby.

Pairing; Hye Kyo & Won Bin [Eun Suh &  Tae Seok] This was by far one of the biggest ships in the drama, I can’t remember most of the scenes that I saw but there was this one scene where he wants to buy her, he offers her money in exchange for her being his girlfriend. He was really very arrogant ant first but as far as I can remember it lessened when he found out that she was sick. He wanted her to be his just so he can make her feel better but again she chooses to not to because she loves someone else and that stuff. I really like them, there were times that he was so sweet towards her and I like that she changed him a lot.

Hye Kyo & Seung Heon [Eun Suh & Joon Suh] At the start of the drama you instantly know that there;s something going on with these two and they have the same surnames. I’m like “THAT’S A SIN” but then we find out that she’s really not related to him in any way. That’s when I just wanted them to be together, I know for a fact that he loves her too much as a sister but then the bomb exploded that they’re not  related I can feel him saying to himself “THANK YOU GOD”. The whole drama is the test of their love for each other and I can assure you that they really did prove to the world that they’re inseparable even after death.

OST; I really don’t know what to recommend for this drama since I can’t find any download for the OST for this one. Plus when this was aired, I’m not into Kpop that time and we have no internet connection so… yeah… But if you have any favorite songs in this drama OST please let me know so I can share to the world. Thank You.

= A/N : It’s been a while since I’ve seen this drama, and for a while I mean like for about give or take 14 years so I might have forgotten most of the things in this drama, and I really apologize for that… Happy Watching ^^=

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