[Personal Review] 20 Years Old

Okay, mini web series time! I saw the trailer for this drama through a channel I’m subscribed to at youtube and this was the image that was there that got me interested. I didn’t really know that this kind of stuff existed until I clicked the video and watched it. I was shocked [SHOCKED!] everyday I shocked [SHOCKED!] because korean dramas don’t kiss like that. Usually its like the lips stick and BOOM it’s a kiss but with this one it’s different… look at Lee Kikwang’s lips, they’re parted… meaning its gonna be one hell of a kiss. Now, how do I know that? First : this is a web-series… I think. If not then this might be on cable.. cable tv doesn’t really have issues about kisses. If you can remember Flower Boy Ramyun Shop : Episode 11 [Yes I remember] Cha Chi Soo was wearing that brown jacket and he just dragged le girl out of the cinema and then they stopped at his motorbike and then BAM! he kisses her, not just once but twice and the second one was really out of this world.

Here’s a little refresher if you can’t remember what I’m talking about. ^_~

Cast, B2ST’s Lee Gikwang and Lee Da In. That’s really it, Gikwang plays himself and Da In plays Hyerim, Gikwang’s classmate and friend and apparently she’s Gikwang’s first love as well.

Story. This is every fangirl’s dream or nightmare… depends on how fans see it really. So, Hyerim’s best friend is a fan of b2st and apparently she knows that Hyerim and Gikwang were friends before, and friend is also a die-hard fan of Gikwang. It’s a 4 part series so I’ll try not to spill everything… so she goes to the concert, looses one of her slippers and it makes its way to Gikwang’s feet and well she landed there as well and then that’s where it starts. Their love story bloomed and just imagine how a top star like him dates.. it’s quite weird and I actually pity them for being like that, hiding and making excuses but also I pity the girl who cant even tell the whole world who she’s dating [same goes for me and Donghae, Seo In guk, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Yoochun and other korean men I date lol]. Getting cursed at, chased by raging fangirls, being called ugly and pathetic and worst part is not really being recognized as a girlfriend, It’s a nice story really and I think that all immature fangirls should learn from these stuff… I keep on telling everybody that I’ve been in the Kpop thing for like 6~7 years now and I can honestly tell you that I too was in the state of the “Kill oppa’s girlfriend when I find her” sometime in the 1st ~2nd year but I kinda grew out of it and understood that they have their own lives and I don’t really remember who said this but “We are not responsible for you, you have your own lives” I think it was from H.O.T or something, after hearing that I kinda felt like an anvil dropped on my head and I realize that I can still be a fan but not be obsessed about them to the point of stalking their profiles and stuff.

Going back to the topic, that’s basically what the story is… it describes the life of a hallyu star trying to date. Simple but lots of lessons to learn from, from a fangirl point of view.

Pairing, LeeKi and Hyemi. I freaked out at first but it just worked. Four episodes of them is not enough, they look so good together and from what I have read… it’s their first time working together. So much chemistry that you just want it to be real. I like them, they suit each other like chocolate and orange, like berries and cream and like steamed pork and kimchi; they’re perfect!

It’s a really short drama so if you have like really short attention span, you have to go see this drama. I personally liked it and I think that it was a great watch 🙂

= a/n : I started watching You Who Came from the Stars already, not knowing that it has 20 episodes… I already have 12 and I assure all of you that I’ll definitely review this drama… =

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