[Personal Review] Reply 1997

Okay, first let me just prepare you for the massive fangirling that I’m about to do while writing the review for this particular drama. I actually saw this a little late… but I am hooked to this drama and it’s getting to the Coffee Prince level [I re-watch Coffee Prince every two months lol] so yeah.

First lets talk about the cast, Seo In Guk, Jung Eun Ji, Hoya and Eun Ji Won are some of the names that people are very familiar with. I actually like Ji Won from 2 days and 1 night before [yeah I’ve watched since season one lol] and I really love him there! then we have the supporting cast of Shin So Yul and Lee Si Eon. I saw Se Eon in a mini drama before and I think he is really good  🙂 I also like how they have a lot of cameos in here like Tony Ahn (AHH), GNa, Jongmin and a whole lot more… this drama was oozing with cameos and it was so fun to watch.

I really like how Inguk really fit his character and also Eunji! Oh my gosh I had no idea she was a member of A-Pink till after I saw the drama, it was so different from her on stage and in the drama. Eunji and Inguk as students I like but I mean come on Ji Won as a high school student with his age and pull it off completely is just super awesome! If I didn’t know his actual age I would really think that he’s just like 5 years older that I am!

The Story, It’s about a FANGIRL!! I mean come on people this is like the first drama that I have ever seen that really talked to me. I am a fangirl, if y’all didn’t know already and it has everything a fangirl does! [spoiler alert] the fan fiction, lets face it if you’re a fan of a boy group, you will eventually have to read and/or write fan fiction about your pairings. It’s just a requirement, more like a test in the fanbase. I read mine the 2nd year I was into the group… if I say so myself and I wrote a couple of fics myself as well… so yeah… moving on.

Stalking, If I live in Korea… I would probably be doing this as well but not to the extent of breaking into the house of my oppa and creeping. I’ll maybe just hang out and wait for him to arrive and give him cookies I baked or something and flee right after. Fan Wars, I am not a fan of these but lets admit to ourselves… we have experienced it one way or another. I haven’t been in one and I want it to stay that way, I don’t know… I find it really immature to have this things especially if it’s WITHIN the fandom.. yes… I am that! Its worse having it within than with others people, trust my words.

Enough about the fangirl life and lets talk about the nostalgic essence in this drama. I am a 90 liner so I was pretty much alive and studying on first grade in 1997. The VHS tapes were the thing back then and I can honestly tell you, it is not fun when the tape tangles with the player. I can still remember we have a tape re-winder so we don’t have to use a pen or a pencil just to rewind the tape ourselves 🙂 Tamagochi, Oh my gosh… when you have a tamagochi key chained to your bag or to your wallet that time… man… everybody will envy you. It was really expensive that time and only a few people got it but every kid wants one. It’s the “in” toy before! I was lucky enough to have one, I share it with my sister coz my grandma can only afford to buy one for the both of us but it was a lot of fun. Did you notice the pyramid-shaped juice boxes? I used to have those in my lunchbox till I was in the third grade. For some reason people thought that boxed shaped boxes were cooler than drinking out of a pyramid-shaped one. I was a big fan of those juice boxes and I hope they can bring it back.. I have to stop with the nostalgic stuff and get on with the ACTUAL story.

So, fangirl has a guy best friend since like they were in diapers and he happens to be the smartest and most handsome kid in school. He does everything for her and she smacks his shin in return. I don’t understand how that doesn’t get a happy ending. It’s the perfect start of a love story. He isn’t rich, he doesn’t have the annoying grandmother that doesn’t like you or a mother that throws a money filled envelope so it’s really the perfect recipe for love. What I’m really saying is, it’s not the usual Korean story plus it has that cable feel, lots of kissing scenes and like there’s also the talk of r-19 movies. It’s a good watch! It’s really worth it!

Songs, I’m going to just run through the pairing here very quickly, pairing is off the hook okay. It made me crazy. Whenever I watch dramas, I usually ship someone starting from the 9th or 8th episode but in this drama, I don’t know who to ship at all! it was a pain TT^TT… moving on. The music is composed of the songs from the 90’s of course but I obviously didn’t know Korea existed till 2006, it had some familiar songs that I recognize. The leads being singers is also an additional bonus, they made a sort of cover of All For You, which was awesome. I was addicted to the song for almost 3 months and ugh it was not good. Trust me.

Finally, they released a director’s cut… I think or a directors choice of the songs in the drama and it has amazing songs! The drama, plus the songs and also the main mystery of who the husband is made me really pushed myself to watch this drama. That’s how good it is and I tell you… IT.IS.WORTH.THE.WATCH. plus Inguk shows of his body there so yeah  :”3.

2 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Reply 1997

  1. Eeeee! I absolutely loved this drama too! I have to say, it’s one of my ALL TIME favourites. You know when you really get into a KDrama character, you end up having a crush on the actor in real life. I’m totally guilty!
    Great post!

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