[Personal Review] Flower Boy Next Door

Hey everyone! I’m back… again 🙂 I know I haven’t posted in such a long time but I’ve finally watch good dramas that are review worthy.

Moving on, I’ve seen this drama months ago and It was stored in my EHD for a long time and I have had the chance to see it one early morning when my sleeping pattern was all f-ed up, I decided to finally watch it. I actually wasn’t able to follow the Flower Boy escapade after Ramyun Shop so I was really happy to actually had time to see this drama.

First the cast, I was really happy with the cast of this drama. The three leads are amazing, the supporting cast are super cool as well, and I like how they somewhat have chemistry on the screen and there’s nothing awkward about them being them in character. I’m not gonna put the whole cast in here but I like the 2nd male lead… Uhm Kim Ji Hoon, he just makes one hell of a guy that’s really the quiet type, like he fits the description of the character so perfectly. I don’t really know how but he makes it work.

Next up… Pairings, The pairing that I loved the most is Seul Gi and Dong Hoon. I loved the main pairing but I just live them a little more lol, I like how they didn’t know that they like each other till someone points it out and then they realize that they ACTUALLY care for each other. It’s just super adorable!!

Lastly, the story. I liked the story! hands down, I really liked it. I am a bit of a loner sometimes and watching this made me feel a little better… well if I meet a rich and famous video game developer who happens to life right across the street. We all know that it’s almost impossible for everyone but moral of the story is, basically just explore the world and don’t hide in your lonely world.

I myself for having experience [thank God I live in a house with lots of people] for not leaving the house, I tend to be scared to talk to people… and answer the door so this actually made me wonder about stuff I’m used to do and ask myself “am I really like her?!”

All in all, it’s a good watch. Story is amazing, cast is wonderful, there’s comedy, drama and lots of smiles and fun! so give it a go!! ^^v

~~ Happy 2014 to everyone btw! I’ll be posting 3 new reviews in the coming weeks.. or months so please watch out for that :)~~

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