[Personal Review] The Greatest Love

Hi! I’m back after 12093812938 years ^^ I wont be posting new drama reviews for a while because I don’t have time to watch any, I have been watching movies and right now it’s the best option to fill my korean needs. Anyway, the drama that I will be reviewing today is an oldie. It aired from May – June 2011 and the reason I saw it is because it aired on my local television a few months back and my parents are obsessed with this drama.

I actually didn’t see it till like the 4th episode and I didn’t bother to see the other ones as well but I’ll try to do my best to give my review and limit spoilers as well. Okay so this starts out with Gu Ae Jeong (lead girl) who is a fallen idol that is trying to get back in to the business and then we have the usual arrogant, full of himself lead who is Dok Go Jin. He is a popular actor that is waiting his debut in the international business, and he has a heart problem. Now this heart problem is very important.

Now, Gu Ae Jeong was in a girl group before and something happened so they decided to disband and their famous track was “Dugeun Dugeun” [Basically its the sound of heartbeat in korean and I dont have hangul right now so sorry] and this was played WHILE the doctor operates on Dok Go Jin, What happens after that is something I cannot tell you.

I wont spoil anything after that because it’s not going to be fun. What I like about this drama is that it has all the elements you’re looking for, the usual set up; Arrogant lead guy to rejects the girl , 2nd lead guy who is so nice to our lead woman who ends up being “just a friend”, and of course our lead woman who falls in love with the 2nd lead first and then ends up loving the arrogant guy instead and it has the unusual stuff; like how a celebrity life is like and how difficult their job is, fan threats are there as well.

This drama became popular and lots of idols saw it and I think that this represented the industry well, the hardships and also the fans and I personally would like to comment about the fans because I have seen some threatening stuff out there and I feel sad seeing these things about the girl or the guy involved because some people forget that they’re humans as well, they get hurt.

The overall appeal of this drama to me was beyond compare and its definitely getting a spot in my top 10. If you all have time please go see it ^^

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