After my super long post about I Miss You, I kinda paused with dramas for a while. I watched King of Dramas but it bore me at episode 4 so I’m still thinking about continuing it or just leave it in my external hard drive for future watching.

So, my parents have been watching a dubbed k-drama on my local telly and they really like it that my dad [I know, can you believe it?! MY DAD] wants me to download it for him. The title is Greatest Love, it’s an old drama but I haven’t seen it and so far it’s great, super funny and really cool so I’m gonna go watch that when my episodes finish downloading ^^. Also, I’m getting My Flower Boy Neighbor because a lot of people are saying that it’s a good drama so I might get to see that too… Iris 2 for me is a 50/50 decision because I didn’t watch the first Iris so I’m not sure if this is a sequel or like a different story or am I going to need some info from the first one to understand this… something like that, so if you have any info about this please let me know ^^.

[NON K-Drama and K-Pop Related]
I have been watching some web movies and some web series and I just want to share a movie that my friend recommended me to watch, It’s called “The Last” by WongFuProductions and it’s about 8 minutes long and it’s just an awesome mini movie to watch because it has so much depth and meaning. I also checked out some of their works and fell in love with three more. “Away We Happened”, “This is how we never met” and “When it Counts”. The first two are movies and the last one is a 4 episode web series. You should totally check these videos out and you should check out their other videos as well because they make such good movies.

Anyway, I hope to be back with some kind of review and if you have any suggestions for a good drama then drop them by the drama page and I’ll check them out ^^.

Links :
The Last , WongFuProductions Channel [I am not affiliated with WongFuProductions and I was not paid to promote their channel, they just make monkey balls awesome videos. That is all ^^]

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