[Personal Review] Personal Taste

Before I begin this review, I just want to say thank you to those who have been liking my posts and following my blog, this new year I will do my best to review dramas and  watch them to give you the best updates. Please look out for my other drama reviews and I hope that there will be more wonderful dramas for me to review ^^.

This drama was the most memorable for me because this is where I learned my first korean phrase “Geu namja, gay-imnida” which means “that man is gay” yes. Let’s start off by pointing out that this drama was after BOF so Minho’s stardom was way up in space and all eyes are on him. The story of this drama is really great that it all stitched together so perfectly in the end for the girl who is Gae In [played by Son Ye Jin]. She’s actually a lot like me, lazy girl, she doesn’t give a f*ck about what people think, and she is not a big fan of dresses and bitchy heels and she’s a furniture designer. Jeon Jin Ho on the other hand is an architect who wants to make a name for himself.

Jin Ho wants to be known in the archi business so he worked hard to think of a design based on the “fave building” of the director which no one knows what or where, Jin Ho finds out and it turned out to be Gae In’s house, which is really cool to be quite honest. So passing all the very long details, Jin Ho finds himself living in the house whilst pretending he’s gay. First off, how selfish can you get. I mean this proves that “he’ll do anything to get what he wants” and that’s to be known. The two are complete opposites, Jin Ho is OC and Gae In is not OC in the slightest bit so he helps her to change her ways and present herself better and develop her to be a professional woman. As he stays in the house, he looks for the goddamn blue prints and slowly falls in love with Gae In without even knowing it.

And you know the rest of the story. What I like about this drama is Gae In is such your normal tomboy with the unusual job and it just shows that she can do tough things even tho she’s a girl and that she’s actually tougher than Jin Ho. I won’t mention the Arrogant Ex- Boyfriend over here because that will be mostly composed of hatred and anger.

So, Nothing much to comment about except for the coooool house, the sweet moments and the reveal. Do watch this if you haven’t seen it and please tell me what you think if you have ^^.

One thought on “[Personal Review] Personal Taste

  1. This was a really cute show, while it wasn’t great it had it’s moments. Ga In had me LOLing the whole time. It was a entertaining ride this drama, filled with LOL’s and actual frustration at noble acts and delirious second leads who could not take a hint. Who I found bothersome and irrelevant.

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