[Personal Review] I Miss You

First, let me just say that I loved this drama to bits, it kept me on the floor almost all the time because I keep on falling from the edge of my seat. A round of applause shall be given to these three heavenly teens or children for their superb acting in the drama. The young Hyeong Jun, Su Yeon and Jung Woo were so perfect for the roles that the transition from child to adult was not so different at all. Jeo Jin Goo who is the young Jung Woo was oh my goodness the best crier I have ever seen in my drama years. I loved him so much in moon embraces because of his A+ acting and in this one he made me cry 4 times in the first few episodes. He’s adorable and his acting is just out of this world. Kim So Hyun who is the young Su Yeon is also in moon embraces but the was a total bitch there, here you get to see her smile, and be in love and be happy… most with Jung Woo. This one also tested her, I think because of the violent scenes she has to shoot and she was a very convincing actress as well. She together with Jin Goo made me use up a few rolls of tissue. And last but not least Ahn Do Kyu, this was the first time that I have seen this kid act and dear goodness he is one good kid, I am your new follower little kiddo!.

Now, let’s move on to the drama; I initially wanted to see this because Yoochun but little did I know that I will love everybody in this drama. It was kinda hard for me to watch at first because it was just so painful, really heavy drama and I think all the tears shed in this drama will fill up a public pool, crying in every episode oh my goodness. What made me hooked up was the mystery of it all, like what was the reason that made their world in deep shit. So, Han Jung Woo is your normal rich kid with the arrogant father who falls in love with Su Yeon. Su Yeon on the other hand is a battered child, she’s really quiet and weird. They met up on the playground and then she gives him her only umbrella and then the romance started. The arrogant father who was thirsty for money wanted more so he threatens Hyeong Jun’s mom and hence total chaos that made Su Yeon dead. I won’t spill anything more because the best part is yet to come. Fast Forward to the future, Jung Woo became a police officer to find Su Yeon who he believes is not dead.  Zoe Lou, who looks like Su Yeon is a fashion designer and Harry Borrisson is her “love”.

You guys know I am a big fan of Chun and Eunhye and at first I was a little awkward with the pairing but now I ship them to death and I will go down with my ship, ride a submarine and continue to go down till we reach the sea bed. They look so cute together and their chemistry is like H2O that people cannot get enough of. Chun’s acting improved a lot and he delivered so well that he moves you. Eunhye’s crying is too much for me to handle, even in Coffee Prince whenever she cries, I cry too. Yoo Seung Ho, on the other hand is too young to be able to act so good like that, it’s not fair for him to be that good in such a young age [He’s 19, turning 20 in Aug]!! He’s _ years my junior and I can’t even put into words what I feel for this man. He’s did such a great job that you actually hate him and that’s something.

Story wise, it was good. I love how they stuck with the drama/mystery but put in bits and pieces of comedy and romance. The crying also became a little lighter in the later episodes but it was exchanged with anger from the viewers to some of the characters in the drama.

Everyone, this made my 2013 better and we’re still in the first month of the year. Do watch this drama and prepare about a pack of 10pcs of tissues, I suggest 2 ply! ^^

If you want to see cuts and stills of this drama, do check their official website!
Here : For Pics
Here : For Cuts

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