[Personal Review] You’re Beautiful

If it’s not obvious enough, I like dramas that have that sexual identity crisis kind of thing. I heard about this drama weeks after it finishes. I remember watching it in the school library through my EHD and I can’t laugh out loud because well it’s a library… When I first saw the first episode I was in that “I’m not sure I’m gonna finish this drama” state because I found it a little lame but after a few more tries and then I saw YongHwa, The Hongki One and Geun Suk I fell in love. ¬†Those three have the hottest chemistry on screen. When they all appear in one shot all you want to do is pause the video and stare at it while drooling.

But a perfect girl-dresses up as a boy drama cannot be complete without our favorite “Identity Crisis”. It didn’t occur to Yonghwa because he was the first to know that Go MiNam was a girl and he wanted to protect her [LOL Sorry Spoilage ^^v] . Then I kinda liked that Taekyung had this super arrogant character and from that on we knew that he’s the one to fall for the girl and the girl falls for, coz you know admit it good guys don’t get the girl. Hongki on the other hand was really adorable in this one and through the drama you see him jolly and carefree but there was that one scene where he changes your perspective about Jeremy.

The singing here is remarkable too, knowing that Yonghwa was going to debut as CNBlue that time and Hongki was in FT Island it’s just fitting that they sing, ¬†Geun Suk’s singing is actually good too and when they released that OST and named the artists ANJELL it was awesome. I kinda felt like one of the fangirls in the drama who cry and scream and the one addicted to the albums and the stickers, like it’s so real ;~~~;.

The flow of the drama was okay for me, Uee was really really good in it too being the biatch and all that. The comedy is there and the music is very well represented. The characters fit the actors on the spot and the story line was super super good, except for the ending tho. The love story is superb and Taekyung’s ‘crisis’ was okay but I think that the time span for him to fall in love with Go Minam as a guy to him finding out he was a she was not was really not that clear. With Yonghwa it was very obvious but with him it was kinda blurred. I know I’m mean but he didn’t suffer that long compared to Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince I mean… But they got my love because of the OSTs and that’s what’s great about this drama. The OST is so related to the drama that the imaginary group in the drama was used to release a real OST for the drama and the songs were not so bad too.

I’m not so sure if all of you have seen this but if you haven’t then please do! ^^ Enjoy!

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