[Personal Review] Boys Over Flowers

I know what all of you are thinking, “THIS IS AN OLD DRAMA WHY WOULD SHE REVIEW THIS” well it’s because this drama is very significant to me because I learned Hangul through the OST of this drama. Now enough about me and my korean, let’s move on to the drama. I actually saw the Chinese version of this which is Meteor Garden and I fell in love with it so much, like SO MUCH. My mom actually was the one who showed me this drama and well I saw Lee Minho and fell in love.

If you have seen the Chinese one, this one is the same except for a few factors that I somewhat remember but I won’t compare because I liked both. So, If you haven’t seen this drama yet… I doubt that.. This is about Jandi and the F4 that consists of JunPyo, JiHoo, YiJung and WooBin. Well the F4 people are the elites of the most expensive school in Korea, supposedly. JunPyo is the son of a very rich guy, JiHoo is the grandchild¬†of the past president, YiJung is a famous potter (and no he’s not a wizard or Harry’s brother) and WooBin is apparently rich too I think his family owns a mall or something. They are basically the elites/bullies of the school and if you insult them you get a “RED CARD” it means your dead meat.¬†So Jandi was like “I’m not scared” and I wont let this red card ruin my life so she confronts them, kick Junpyo at the face and then it starts. The love, the roller coaster happenings and the confusing love story. Of course the monster mother will never be lost and the best friend who later becomes your competition for the lead girl’s heart.

I won’t talk about the story any more since I think I’m spoiling too much and I can’t quite remember some of the important stuff in the drama any more. As you all know, everybody’s career sky rocketed after this drama. Lee Minho became an A-list actor after this Hyun Joong and Kim Bum also. Their acting is really good, as in really and I also liked that they didn’t go too far from the Chinese one and all the important parts like the door conversation and the competition for Jandi staying in school is there too.

So If you have not seen this drama, you should go see it. If you have then feel free to watch it again if you want. ^^

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