Just a head’s up!!

So I still haven’t seen Nice Guy (I don’t know but I just can’t feel it, I think it’s too heavy for me) I have dramas on hold though w/c are :

  • King of Dramas (BECAUSE SIWON!!!)
  • I Miss You (YOOCHUN)
  • Full House Take 2 (NO MIN WOO)
  • Nice Guy (Coz I might change my mind) (JOONGKI AND KWANGSOO)
  • Faith (IDK why I haven’t seen this yet) (LEE FREAKING MINHO)

I’ll try to see if Faith will take me in or Nice Guy, I really haven’t seen anything from Faith but I’ve seen Nice Guy on TV since we have KBS and for me, I just cannot handle Joongki like that omg idk why but maybe if I try again I might have a change of heart. I’ve also been busy with somestuffthatisreallyhardtoexplainlikegymandbakingbusinessandfamilystuff  I hope I get time next week to maybe take a look at some of these ^^v

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