[Personal Review] Arang and the Magistrate

I was originally planning on watching this after Pandayang but I got hooked into writing that I put drama watching aside, My aunt actually told me to take a look at this a long time ago but I got bored coz like Hae was dominating my world that time. Anyway, I just finished this drama and I must say that I liked it. This was my first time seeing Lee Jun Ki act. He’s not a stranger to me, I just haven’t seen his dramas and I don’t know why [or I might have forgotten -__-]

At first, I found it a little creepy because of the fact that he can see and hear ghosts [because I had that one too before and trust me it’s not the best feeling] but when it got to the Arang and Magistrate interaction it got a little lighter. It was really fun for me to watch though because Saddo already had this feelings for Arang and Arang had this worrying thing first before she figured out that it was actually love. How the two hid their feelings and the process they had to go through was really a roller coaster.

I also love the fact that this had that mystery feel to it like crime solving and stuff and also the Jade Emperor who is actually younger than me is a pretty face too. The fact that they showed Heaven and Hell is also one thing I like and the balance of the Yin and Yang thing was kinda interesting too. It explains how everything is done and why it happens and all that.

Another thing is the Power and the classes. The Choi people and the Lady who were so thirsty for power and good life were the ones who suffered in the end of it all. Oh! I almost forgot Dol Sae and Bang Ul Ri [Shaman] I love these two! The sidekicks actually had it going on after all and their story is really interesting too. Okay, I’m going to stop in giving all of you hints. What I like about this is that you don’t want to miss a glimpse of anything because it might be somewhat meaningful to the future happenings. I like everything and knowing Shin Min Ah, she was really great in this. She actually fits Arang as a character and she portrayed it well. As for JunKi, Oh my goodness. This was my first one of him and I feel like I’ve been baptised to look out for his future projects because this man can act big time, and he’s a handsome cookie too… If I may just add. He fits the Magistrate character so perfectly that I want him to become my own personal Magistrate [lol kidding] the way he looked when he had the “Official Uniform” was like he was “Properly Sexy” he was so prim and polished yet you just want to rip those clothes off of him that you want to just look at him and admire the view. The supporting cast was great too, Dol Sae and the Shaman, the three stooges of the office, the Choi’s, Grim Reaper, Jade Emperor and the Hades like old guy. They were all good and they bring something funny and dramatic and something to be angry with to the table plus they add to the wonder of the drama. It was all great. It was super magical for me and I totally liked it!

If you haven’t seen it you gotta go and see it now because it’s really good! ^^v

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