[Personal Review] Panda and Hedgehog

I was going to wait till the drama finishes to write a review about this but I just can’t wait. This was the first time I got to see Donghae in a drama [I didn’t go see It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter and Skip Beat] and I must say that I was impressed by the fact that he’s getting better at acting.

Knowing that he was a Pastry Chef in this drama gave me tingles all over, simply because I know that I’ll get to see tasty deserts in it. Moving on, I’m 11 episodes in the drama and there are still some missing infos to fill in the story line but as of now I am somewhat okay with the flow of the story. The scenes were well-distributed and well-arranged and the characters are really great. The background fo each one however is still missing. They filled Seungji [Donghae’s Character] and Won Il’s [Jin Hyeok’s Character] backgrounds, I think 2 episodes ago… and the mystery is slowly unwrapping itself and some questions are getting answered ad well.

As for the love story, Pan Dayang [Seung Ah] and Seungji’s love story was okay for me It’s just that I don’t know what made Seungji like her. Usually, these things have a back story like he fell in love with her because he felt like she was a really smart girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind [Moon Embracing] or like he fell in love with her because she made her suffer through identity crisis [Coffee Prince] and like he fell for her because she’s a tough cookie who refuses to receive help [City Hunter]. Those kinds of stuff,,,I’m not saying that he needs a reason but in the first episode, there’s this indication that he likes her already… my big question is How? Why? What happened between the two before… I know it’s too early to question the matter knowing that there’s still 4 episodes to go. I just hope that they answer those in the episodes to come.

Going back to the romance, the chemistry of Donghae and Seung Ah is way beyond perfect. They look cute together and if I didn’t know their relationship status in real life… I would immediately want them to date. YES! [I’m a fangirl too and I’m Donghae biased. And you heard me right ladies… I want OPPA to date, he’s turning 26 (27 in korea) and I think it’s about time he had a public relationship… But I know he won’t do that knowing that fans might send the alleged girlfriend death threats.] They look good onscreen and the sweetness in the drama is really adorable too. [Spoiler!!! : Their kiss is really sdfkjnskdfjns, I almost died seeing it. It was simple yet so sweet.]


So, I just finished watching the drama and apparently one of my theories was right. Donghae didn’t die and he got his memory back… I think. After everything I actually like the drama, it’s not too ‘dramatic’ and there are also a lot of genres in it like love, anger and revenge. I like the flow and the fact that no one actually died. The questions were answered for me and like it was answered big time. Β I was hoping for an ending kiss though but a hug was good enough for me. There were still some missing infos but I think they managed quite well by leaving those out for the viewers to connect.

16 episode were just perfect, although I would love to see more of Donghae but I think it was sufficient enough that they answered and connected everything in those number of episodes. I would actually watch this again if given the chance. The last episodes were really dramatic, especially when Donghae and Halbae both knew the truth but they were acting like nothing happened. Donghae’s face when he knew that his halbae was actually his real, blood related halbae omg it was one of the things that made me cry so bad. Halbae’s acting too when he found out was worthy of 15 Tonys and a Jeff! [this was from Whose Line] Everything is perfect even Auntie [Although, I wonder if the Uncle was okay…] and unnie also got a job.

Donghae’s acting in this was superb! I give him an A++++ for his acting, he has improved a lot and I wish he could get more projects because I know he loves acting and he wanted to be a professional actor. I think he might be able to get that dream! πŸ™‚ All in all, this was a fun drama, you’ll get all the emotions and there was never a boring moment for me in it. I hope you enjoy watching this drama [if you haven’t finished it yet!!]

4 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Panda and Hedgehog

  1. i have Tones of Questions .. i saw the last 2 ep and i have so much Questions ..i will be glad that we fighure them together?? well
    1. why did sung ji was sinking in tears when he knew who he is ..i know it was a shock but i think he didnt care at first 4 who his mom was as much as his grandpa ..maybe he was sad cuz his dad was a bad guy ??? i just wanna know why he wasnot able to hug his mom ??
    2. now they didnot tell us who gave him the name Ko Sung Ji ??& how did he knew his grandpa even when he was in prison ??
    3. there was a periode we dont know about it ..his father told him that when he was 6 he was lost then came at age 11 ..thats when he hit him and he forgot?? so where did he go alone ? and when he hit him & got to hospital why he was left in the streets ..why he was not taken to orphan house ?? see i have Tones ?? T____T i wish u think like me cuz thats what i saw when i read ur plot ^^ sorry for the long comment …have a good day ^^

    • Hi there!! okay to answer your questions…
      1. He actually cried because of the fact that Halbae was actually his Halbae. His mom on the other hand is still a stranger to him at that time because well his memory wasn’t back yet and the relationship between them was just noona and dongsaeng. He wasnt able to hug his mom because I think it’s still awkward. I mean if I found out that my unnie is my mom then I would freak out too… but he called her mom when he found out that halbae was in the hospital… It’s a sign… πŸ™‚
      2. I think he was named like that because he was like a hedgehog, prickly on the outside yet soft inside… now who gave him that is still in the works. I think Halbae trained people or taught in there (that’s just my theory) because if you notice the pastry chefs he hired, they all came from the prison even Gi Tae and Beom Bo. and SeungJi learned under Halbae’s teachings too so I guess that’s why.
      3. I’m not sure if Dayang or Won Il was the one who found him but he lived with Dayang’s family remember? and then Choi Jae Geum got him back. Then Won Il discovers that he’s being punched by his own dad. Choi Jae person actually wanted to get rid of Seungji but apparently he got back to where they live but Jae Geum had Won Yi. and being the selfish father that he is… he wanted to disown SeungJi so hence the bat on the head. After that he woke up in the hospital and they said he was 11, and then he went to the Noona with the dogs..

      • thank u so much for sharing ur thoughts with me ..i thought u wont put the comment either cuz its long ^^ well yea in 1 ur so right i think the awkwardness was the reason -_^ ..and yea halbae may be the one tought him …but still who gave him the name Ko sung ji is a mystery cuz i checked ..it dosenot ALL mean hedgehoge ..in ep 9 he said during his argument with his grandpa :”a person who dosen’t know who gave him the 3 parts of his name ” so he dosn’t know ..so he also names himself = do ji ^^ and yea he got back to his dad and hit then to that Ajimma ….still missing 5 years ??!! where did he go ?? Y_Y and why they didnt take him to orphan house …why he was with dogs then Ajimma found him …. but still i like ur preview of the drama(i have something like that in my blog too) ^^ i liked the drama so damn much ..its one of the dramas that u watch once in ur life that matches all what u want ..i miss it now …thanx again to u and i wish we find the answers ^^

      • It’s no problem! I’m happy to help! ^^

        If you can remember he still had that scar? He was with the dogs because he was eating their food. He was really hungry at that time. There was this thing that Donghae said “The dogs were my friends because they shared to me the food that the people don’t like any more” He’s basically eating left overs. When the bad people burned the animal shelter he got back and messed with them too. So he was sent in prison and after that he’s been coming back and forth to the prison taking revenge for what they did to Ahjumma. That’s only my theory, since we really don’t know what happened.

        Again, thank you so much! and I really wish we can solve this mystery! πŸ™‚

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