[Personal Review] Secret Garden

Along with the people of Korea, I too was hooked to this drama. I actually saw this because of BigBang.. They made a parody out of this drama… This particular drama became huge in Korea and everybody was talking about Secret Garden, they wear track suits with sequins hand sewed one by one, Doing sit-ups “properly” and asking “Since when did you been so pretty?”…”Last Year?”, instead of wiping the cappuccino cream off the upper lip they kiss it off, everybody changed their message tone to the ever popular “Munja Wassyong”, lastly whenever they remember their crush they just say “Kim suhanmu gobugiwa durumi…”. It was one of the most popular dramas out there.

When I started seeing this drama, I thought… “Here we go again, Arrogant guy… Poor girl, he helps the girl, falls in love with her and suddenly he falls in love with him” that was my first thought. As I go deeper into the story I noticed that Hyun Bin’s character Joo Won, really fell for Ha Jiwon’s character Gil Raim. I thought that it was kind of different in so many ways.

For Starters; Gil Raim is a stunt woman, her dad was a fire man who died in action. She lives in a small home with her best friend. Joo Won on the other hand is a rich guy, his family owns a Mall where Raim’s friend works.   We also have his Mom who is a momster, a cousin who is a singer and an assistant who is loyal to him. The story revolves on Raim and Joo Won, Joo Won to begin with liked Raim the first time he saw her but her not so much… Anyway, They actually exchange souls and try to live as the other one so, she trained him to be her and he trained her to be him. It’s actually a really big mess.

I liked how the people around them had storied of their own also and the story line in general is amazing. It’s like the two were destined to be together but there are forces that stop that but still the went on to continue the started relationship. Oh I want to tell you all my favourite parts, what marts made me cry and what made me want to cry, all the sweet parts and the I-want-to-kill-that-b*tch parts. Everything is a must watch…

There are some dramas that makes you want to skip those ‘boring’ scenes but this one, you will never realize that you’ve finished one episode. It’s that good. What else, Oh Tissues… You will need a lot.

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