[Personal Review] City Hunter

Starting off, I know this is and old drama but I just wanted to review it. I actually watched this in 2 days and it only had 20 episodes so it’s easy to catch up with. What I like about this drama is the action and the mystery of everything, adding Lee Minho to that is what made me watch it in two days. I have to be completely honest, I liked Lee Minho after Boys Over Flowers and he became one hot icon after that.

This drama had that hotness factor and that action all rolled into one. How should I review this properly without revealing everything… YoonSung (LMH) is not your normal kid here and he was raised in a very different environment in Thailand… Little did he know that his dad was actually training him for something else. So he met ‘Ahjussi’ in Thailand too but you have to find out how they met.

Kim Nana (MinYoung) is your average poor girl but she’s a body-guard here so she’s actually pretty tough in the whole drama. That’s as far as I’m going with the characters. This actually focuses on Lee Minho’s character mainly because him being the ‘City Hunter’ has a reason for his dad, his dad and his other dad [You’ll get this eventually] and how the two dads were actually not his real ones.

The flow is really nice as well but the action was just breath-taking… him using a spoon, a water bottle and a pen to kill/disarm somebody is too good to be true. The side characters were really awesome as well and they actually play a major part in one character’s life.

All in all I must say, this is a good drama and I watched a couple of times before I could move on with my life.

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