[Personal Review] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

I know it’s a bit late but I just had to make a review for the drama that started it all. I gotta tell you how this drama started the craze… It was aired here on my local telly and of course it was dubbed. What got us interested is how the main lead which was Gong Yoo and EunHye got into the really weird relationship.

I would assume that almost all of you who are reading this watched this drama… Yes? Because if you’re not then you are in for a ton of spoilers… ^^v. First off, Eunhye is really good here, I have seen a lot of her dramas but this one is still on the top of my list. The way she acted as a guy is just pure amazing, she pulled it off and If I was Gongyoo, I would also fall for her as a guy. The way she portrayed the guy role is too realistic that I would personally think that she’s actually a lesbo/gay in real life. [and no I don’t hate gay people. I am not against Gay Rights so don’t start with me.]

Moving On, The story of this is super super super heartbreaking and yet you want to stick your eyes on the TV or on your screen for all 16 episodes. Hankyul or Gongyoo is your typical obnoxious guy who hates being controlled and being serious about life and your woman is Eunchan or Eunhye who is the bread-winner of the family who works multiple jobs just to send her sister to school and to put food on the table and did I mention that he looks like a guy? She’s your usual flat chested, short-haired and almost shapeless woman.

So, they cross paths and he hires her thinking he was a guy so she could help him shoo all the dates that his grandma arranged for him. What occurs after that is pure mess and chaos that leads grandma to giving Hankyul an old coffee shop. I’m not gonna spill the happenings to what made this story really interesting because that wouldn’t be to nice to all the people who haven’t seen this drama… if there are any.

May I just point out that Gongyoo’s acting in this drama is too good to ignore. His battle and struggle between his identity is too heartbreaking to watch. What he went through and what he had to go through just to settle his feelings and accept the fact that ‘he’s gay’ but knowing that she was a girl all along is another load of sh*t that he isn’t prepared for.

As for the supporting cast, they are awesome and I like that the supporting cast had a background story and that they also had something that they deal with. There’s actually more twist to the Hankyul, Eunchan love story but I’m gonna leave that to the drama itself. It’s actually a love square or a love diamond or whatever you may call it but it’s one big mess when you go see it.

I’m gonna stop with all the drama review because I might end up doing a ‘per-episode’ review. Just another information… If you guys love this drama so much, and you happen to go to Korea or live in Korea then you have to stop by the actual cafe in Hongdae. I on the other hand haven’t been there and it might take me a long time to step foot in that shop. ^^v

For more information regarding this drama [and the shop in Hongdae] go HERE

2 thoughts on “[Personal Review] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

  1. I totally agree on Gong Yoo and Eun Hye’s superb acting. Gong Yoo showing all his struggles before the final decision to commit – it was so vivid. And of course Eun Hye’s daring and natural acting. Superb show, i would say.

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