G Dragon Round-Up

Since I haven’t really been updating since GD released ‘One of a Kind’, I’m going to do a round-up of all his songs.

  • One of a Kind

Starting off the GD round-up is One of a Kind, I actually haven’t seen the whole MV…till now and I think that the MV is nice and it kinda matches the song. The song on the other hand is not a surprise for me because GD is a good rapper and these kinds of songs are his thing. All in all, I love the song and MV and I like upbeat music so it’s all good.

  • That XX (그 xx)

Moving on, I got a little surprised with this one… I was not expecting a ballad-like song from him but I liked it the instant I heard it. I really do~ his voice is awesome and omg this makes me appreciate his vocal powers more. I love the fact that it has swag like touch to it with some of the words, the bleep sounds was kinda irritating but I got used to it after listening to it about 3493849 times.

The clothes if I may add are so beautiful! The ‘suits’ are really nice, formal yet sexy in a way and knowing GD he looks good in everything. He can wrap himself with toilet paper or wrapping paper and he still looks good.

  • Crayon

This I really like! The clothes, the hair, everything, this shouts GD to me. I like the other two songs but this one had GD written all over it. The cockiness, the colors and even his hair is wacky. I also loved that he was so himself when he did this, it’s like he wasn’t shooting a MV at all.

To sum everything up in a few words : I LOVED IT. ALL OF IT. It showed me different sides of GD and to think that this is in one album makes me want to go in a corner and weep. It’s hard to believe that this was just done by one man whose name is Kwon Ji Yong. He did it nicely and he did it with SWAGGING COLORS!. Yes! [Oh and I love his cotton candy colored hair!!!  /spews rainbows]

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