[Personal Review] Big

Because I kinda am flooding my blog with words, I decided to use this cut thing. Anyway. If you have not seen this drama then you should.

Big is currently airing and it stars Gong Yoo (known for Coffee Prince) and Lee Min Jung (known for Smile, You and BOF) and this is by the Hong Sisters who brought us You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Before anything else I was really excited for this drama because of the Gong Yoo + Hong Sisters combo both are epic in the drama world and I must say that I am really satisfied with every episode. The balance of the comedy and the drama was just right and I think they squeezed in a little cuteness in there to just to balance everything out.

Big will have 16 episodes in total and I think they are up to episode 13 now, I personally haven’t seen Ep. 13 yet. I want to tell you everything till episode 12 but I don’t want to ruin your watching experience. x3

I will warn you that this drama is overflowing with cuteness, drama and lots of love. I suggest you prepare a box of tissues [This is a must if you’re gonna watch a KDrama]. I will update this when Big finishes and I cannot wait to see what will happen to my two leads. Eeep :3

Big airs every Mondays and Tuesdays (9:00 – 10:10 KST). For more info regarding this drama, please refer to this post HERE

~~Additional Text~~

I promised that I would edit this post when I’ve finished the drama so… Here I am. I actually finished it not too long ago. The pace got a little too fast for me and the events that I’m looking for are missing. The ending was okay for me but I think that it needed a few more episodes to really have that grand ending.

So GongYoo’s character there was really confusing and the fact that Kang Kyung Joon didn’t go back to his original body is what made me a little sad. I didn’t know what happened to the body at all. The love story is there and they all had that happy ending, and that bit of information is what haunts me. Did he wake up as the Doctor Gongyoo? Did he not wake up? Is he dead? We all know he’s in coma but did they give him up or something? Are his real parents looking out for him? I mean they should at least gave a happy ending for the soul in the sleeping body.

I love Gong Yoo as an actor but this drama just didn’t work for me that much.

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