Super Junior Comeback [What I Think]

Okay, Here we are again with the teasers. Let me first start of with… I’m so excited for 6jib and I cannot wait to see the album and hear the songs and see Kangin in the MV.

Now that you have seen Super Junior’s Teaser Photos…

Under the cut will be my reaction in everything. I will be frank here and be honest as I can about SM in this post soo… yeah.  I’m warning everybody

I kinda like the effort of the teasers but I cant understand how the pictures are connected in any way to the “Sexy, Free and Single” theme of the album. I get it that they look like paintings and they look like they belong in the Lourve or in the Forest *ehem Yesung ehem* but they are not interconnected. Even the Mr. Simple concept is still hard for me to grasp. It’s MISTER SIMPLE and yet they look super complicated wearing all those clothes and I wont even start about Siwon with the cape and the green boxer briefs?. All I’m saying is you need to get your shit straight with these concepts.

How is Yesung with a tree on his head,  Shindong looking like he froze to death and Sungmin looking like a bride connected to Sexy, Free and Single? I mean these pictures need to be connected in someway to the “Sexy, Free and Single” Concept. I’m being completely honest here when I say that I don’t get the other’s shots. Eunhyuk with a floral blindfold, Wookie with the red hair that looked like a beet to me, Donghae with a veil and Leeteuk with leaves on his hair.

I don’t want to hate you SM because you manage some of my favorite groups but what are you doing to them? I’ve seen f(x)’s teasers and they look fairly the same except Amber with a nest on her head, SHINee looked like Indians but then their album title is Sherlock… You could have dressed them as English men or Detectives to make it more like SHERLOCK you know.

I know you’re trying hard to make good albums and stuff but I beg of you all you need is balance with the artists and you may just receive a better reaction from the fans (like me) and from your artists.

I think I’ve let out all my feelings and I feel so much better.


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