Super Junior Comeback [Kangin and Sungmin Teaser Photos]

Today, SMe decided to kill everybody by releasing Kangin and Sungmin’s Teaser and here they are :



My Thoughts :I don’t even know how to start. Uhm…Kangin oppa… WE MISSED YOU TT^TT and you look like you came from a masquerade party! YES! I’m just glad you’re back! omg…

Sungmin UNNIE! Because he looks more like an unnie rather than an oppa. He looks amazing. The blonde hair is a good decision for me and it blends with the photo concept, It kinda looks like his character in Wonder Boy and I like that character! He’s prettier than me too >.< why oppa why…

Last two people, Last two. KYUHYUN and SIWON. I shall prepare oxygen and maybe a hospital bed for tomorrow. I might check myself in the hospital later tonight because I’m sure I’m gonna die when I see their teasers.

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