Super Junior Comeback [Yesung and Shindong Teaser Photos]

They released two more photos today! Yesung and Shindong’s Phos were the ones that were revealed today and here they are.

My thoughts : I did not recognize Yesung at first, but when I put my face just near the screen I realized that it was him with a nest on his head. I kinda like what he looked like with all the nip slip and stuff but its too simple. Oh! One fact I like is that he looked like he came out of a painting, with all the blurred stuff on there.

Shindong, I don’t know but I think I’ve seen that frozen concept before…. Hmmm… I just cant put my finger on it…

It looks familiar… It really does… but… anyway. What I like about Donghee’s shot is they brought out his sexiness, yes you read that right SEXINESS. His jaw line is perfect, his neck is just ugh… idk, smooth. I wanna lick my way on that neck tbh. All in all I like the shot . I really do, but the fact that he could be the 6th member of bigbang with that concept shot is what is bothering me. Yes.

We have Kyuhyun, Kangin, Siwon and Sungmin left! xD So excited to see Kyu’s shot.

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