[Personal Review] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Okay, I know im uber late in reviewing this drama but I loved it to bits that I watched it more than two times. I’m a fan of Seunggi and I love him in 2D1N and all of his variety shows. How do I start, The drama was cute! SMA (Shin Min Ah) is adorable omg. The way she follows Daewoong and all the threats are really adorable. How his love developed was fun to watch too. All the jealous scenes was way funny for me. All the love arrows and the BePu stuff just tickled my cute senses.

Plus, this cute hot guy also made me want to see it more

my goodness. he is one hot character I tell you. ONE HOT CHARACTER. Before I blow up in pieces here and tell you everything about this drama… I’m gonna say my last words. If you haven’t seen this drama, go see it and prepare tissues. If you have seen this drama, I swear to the heavens you gotta go see it again.

For more info regarding this drama please go HERE, and for a detailed/per episode review you gotta go check out DramaBeans (They have the best per episode review of your latest dramas ^^,) [Disclaimer : I was not paid to do this. This was purely from experience]

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