Super Junior Comeback [Leeteuk and Ryeowook Teaser Photos]

I think the SM people made a mistake on releasing 2 photos in one day but the ELFs loved it. It was kinda late when they released the pictures but fans forgave them when they released two in one day.

Here are Teuk’s and Wookie’s Teaser Photos respectively.

Leader also tweeted about his picture saying that he looks like Peter Pan, and that there are crystals on his make up that took hours to put on.

My thoughts : Leader is flawless and I like the fact that he does look like Pan! He looked like he came out from a story book. The thing on his hair fits him perfectly. If Peter Pan is indeed his concept, he nailed it.

Wook dear goodness, I LOVE YOUR RED HAIR! the jawline is perfect, the make up is just ugh. I like his shot but something is missing in his photo. More accessories or maybe props? different colored background? idk.

4 down 6 to go!

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