Super Junior Comeback [Donghae and Eunhyuk Teaser Photos]

It was announced that Super Junior will be back with another album this year but I did not expect it to be this fast. SMe released a teaser photo of member Eunhyuk yesterday saying that Super Junior will be back for their 6th album this July 1st. The album is entitled “Sexy, Free and Single”

Today, SMe released Donghae’s teaser photo

I know I was a little formal with the intro but I can’t help it tho. I kinda was shocked with the date of the comeback I was expecting them to comeback by August but wth July is much better. I liked Eunhyuk’s photo, I thought it was Kai (Exo) mashed with Taemin (SHINee) at first. I realized it was Hyuk when I saw a post with SuJu’s name just below. Haha. Donghae on the other hand looked like a girl (Sorry but it’s true). It also looked more like a painting done by DaVinchi he and Mona Lisa could be siblings you know. My twitter has my full reaction … Anyway, I’m excited for their comeback and I cant wait to see Kangin :3

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