[Personal Review] Rooftop Prince

I’ve been meaning to review this drama for weeks and now I finally had the time to do so. I first heard about this drama from jyj stans and well I was not caught up by the hype at first but I finally gave in after 4 episodes and a few convincing stories from my aunt. When I saw the first episode I was like “History drama” I like their history dramas, don’t get me wrong but I want to see Yoochun in a modern one [because I didn’t see Ms. Ripley]. and I finally got that in the second episode! Ha.

I thought that I would not like this drama but I got hooked and man was I addicted to this. The flow of the story was great, the comedy was there, the drama was there and I like that it had some ‘crime solving’ thrown into it too. I really don’t regret seeing this drama. As for Yoochun, his acting was A+++ he really did improve. The chemistry was great, all the characters were awesome together and the story was really great. It’s a must watch! :3

If you guise want to see more info regarding this drama just go HERE

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