Monster MV

First is, I haven’t finished the whole MV yet because my internet is being an ass. Anyway I kinda like that they have time on their wrists. It’s kinda like JT’s and Amanda Seyfried’s movie “In Time”. Also its like a cross over between Hunger Games and X-Men with all the training facility and stuff plus with them being monsters and such. Also, I cannot un-see Taeyang’s hair… I suddenly want his old hair back,. Daesung really had that weird cat on his back and Seunri with a mathematical formula plastered on his forehead, TOP had those sexy vampire teeth too! Had his mushroom hair with those piercing eyes and then we have Taeyang with Mickey Mouse hair… OTL… everything else is great… Oh and the eyes! Oh my goodness. The eyes are magnificent they look beautiful. How can I forget their eyes! I loved it! xD

Lastly, GD with that devil horns or whatever is kinda sexy and ME GUSTA!


Oh, one last thing. I think all their songs are out now. Haven’t listened to it tho but I know I’m gonna like it! xD

Peace! ^^v

– Joo

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